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What to Eat at the Fair

The Nebraska State Fair begins Friday, Aug. 24, which means you will soon be overwhelmed by the fresh aromas of fried foods and farm animals.

Although fried food doesn’t pass my lips that often and I’m not an animal person, I LOVE the state fair!! I love the people watching, I love the Ferris wheel, I love checking out all the 4-H projects and I love the exhibition building where people sell the most random products (visors with spiky hair sprouting from the top! Come on!!).

While at the state fair it is inevitable, you will eat.

The state fair is not a friend to a healthy diet. Nearly everything is fried and served on a stick - fried cookie dough, fried bananas, fried Twinkies, corn dogs, fried Oreos, etc.

The newest on the list of fried fare - fried Girl Scout cookies and deep fried Kool-Aid. The fair will have nearly 70 food vendors this year.

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